07.24.07 11 years ago 12 Comments

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has told Michael Vick to stay home and relax during training camp.

"While it is for the criminal justice system to determine your guilt or innocence, it is my responsibility as commissioner of the National Football League to determine whether your conduct, even if not criminal, nonetheless violated league policies, including the Personal Conduct Policy," Goodell said in a letter to the quarterback.

The NFL said Vick would still get his preseason pay and Goodell told the Falcons to withhold any disciplinary action of their own until the league's review was completed.

Woo-hoo!  Paid vacation, baby!  Everything's coming up Ookie!  Once this little dogfighting thing blows over, the Falcons are going to the Super Bowl.  You can bet the house on that one, Holmes.  Money in the bank.  Cha-CHING!

News-y UPDATE: Vick "faces courthouse known for speed, fairness, tough sentences."  Well, they should get along well!  Vick's known for his speed and toughness, too.

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