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I’m all for the rise of independent media, so maybe it’s hypocritical of me to watch a camera follow Michael Vick through what appears to be O’Hare International Airport, where I saw Ed MacMahon–seriously–about 13 months ago, I’m guessing. He looked old as dirt, and then he went over to one of those coffee kiosks, and bought a large black coffee. He paid with cash. And then he walked over to the newsstand and faked a heart attack while his bodyguard stole an issue of Golf Digest. That move works so much better when you’re in your 80s.

The Bears were compelled to issue a statement ruling out the Vick possibility once the TMZ video hit the Internet Wednesday and set off a tweeting frenzy outside the dining hall at Olivet Nazarene.[…]

The Bears discussed Vick, once. Like every NFL team before the talented, athletic former Falcons quarterback was released from prison earlier this summer, the Bears weighed the pros and cons of everything signing Vick would entail. Jerry Angelo would call it due diligence. via.

Turns out Vick was there for some probationary, LT-esque “Don’t dogfight” talk that surely came off as sincere. What do you think Vick bets on now? And how successful would he be at faking a heart attack in front of a newsstand?

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