Michael Vick’s Birthday: Never Bring Cake To A Gunfight

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As you might have heard, Mike Vick’s birthday didn’t include balloon animals or a moon bounce or even an apathetic clown, but it did have something you can’t buy in stores; someone getting shot. And there’s new developments to the story.

According to reports, old dog fighting compadre Quanis Phillips, the one who ended up on the wrong end of a pistol shot, allegedly threw cake on Mike Vick when Vick realized Phillips wasn’t supposed to be anywhere near him. Now enters a name you may remember from criminal hijinx stories of yore, Marcus Vick.

Phillips, who is not allowed to associate with Vick, mingled as if he were an invited guest to the party until Michael and Marcus Vick spotted him and “told him to get lost”, the NY Post reports. This upset him and he slapped a piece of cake off of a woman’s plate hitting Michael in the face with frosting.

“Michael didn’t react. I was surprised,” a witness at the bash said. “But Marcus was the one who reacted. He had this I-can’t-believe-this-just-happened, we’ve-been-disrespected look on his face. He was very agitated.”

Phillips “left the party screaming” until shots were heard in the parking lot. -SB Nation

Of course Marcus Vick reacted negatively, I’d flip out if nobody threw delicious cake frosting at my face, too! According to the police, Mike Vick isn’t a suspect. But with this newly gathered information I wouldn’t be surprised if Marcus Vick is given a talking to by police. It’s about time he returns to his natural habitat anyway, which is either jail or scaring teenagers with guns at a McDonald’s parking lot.

Mike, who has fully cooperated with police, is not allowed to associate with anybody convicted of a felony for at least three years, and Phillips is just that. Luckily for Michael ‘chance encounters’ do not count and he’s not being investigated for any criminal conduct. There’s one big issue that’s standing in the way of Mike Vick, however. Conflicting reports.

According to Vick, he was long gone before the nightclub he was partying at turned into the O.K. Corral, but the BET producer for his reality show which presumably involves apologizing effusively for half-an-hour says that Vick was probably still in the building.

Paul Bessire presents information about Michael Vick’s birthday party that may complicate Vick’s predicament with the NFL and his parole officer. Ahmadu Garba, the producer of Vick’s reality show on BET and the man who drove Vick out of prison, was interviewed by WGFX in Nashville to discuss to discuss the shooting at Vick’s party .

The official story about the party was that Vick left with Falcons wide receiver Roddy White before the shooting of Vick’s co-defendant Quam Phillips. Garba however told the radio station, “I got a call last night from this guy whose name is John, he’s Vick’s wife’s assistant, Kiafa.” Garba said. “It was probably about 4:00 a.m. Nasvhille time. He told me that, ‘Something just went down. We’re at this party and shots rang out.’ As far as I know from what it sounded like, Mike was there and they left shortly after that. I have a couple of years of law school experience, so he was asking me,’What’s going on? Is everything going to be OK?'” -The Red Zone

This brings up another interesting question. Mike Vick declared bankruptcy a year ago and made only about $2 million last season, so what is his wife doing with a personal assistant? Can’t she just spend his money in a mall like every other woman in America?

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