Michelle Obama’s Wicked Slam Dunk Has Taken The Internet By Storm

The Miami Heat are giving the rest of the NBA’s Eastern Conference a little false sense of security right now, thanks to a 5-5 record over their last 10 games and a 4.5-game deficit to the first place Indiana Pacers, who seem simply unstoppable right now. But the Heat have probably just been having too much fun, what with their recent trip to the White House to celebrate last year’s NBA Championship, and especially this video for Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign that is blowing up all over the Interwebs right now, thanks to the First Lady’s vicious slam dunk.

Yes, we are all required by law to make an NBA Jam joke at this time, despite the fact that they’ve all been made. The good news, though, is that SB Nation’s Brian Floyd is the MVP of the day for already having this Gus Johnson version of the video ready to go.

My only complaint is that they didn’t say, “This is what happens if you don’t eat fruits and vegetables” and show Greg Oden’s old Trail Blazers team photo.