Michigan Students Got Creative In Their Dorms With Their Ohio State Hate

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It’s rivalry week in college football, and there might be no bigger rivalry than Michigan-Ohio State this year. Auburn-Alabama has had more relevance to the eventual national champions in recent years, but this year, Michigan and OSU both sit in the top four of national polls, where they would be in good position to make the four-team College Football Playoff — if they didn’t have to play one another.

The hatred between the two powerhouses runs deep, and the stakes are as high as they’ve ever been, so you better believe that students from both universities are spending a lot of time thinking about Saturday. Ahead of Thanksgiving break, a bunch of them decided to send a message using the lights in their dorm rooms. If you’re expecting a friendly or even polite message, you haven’t been paying attention.

It’s a fun look, but pity the poor non-sports fans in those dorms who have been pressured into keeping their lights off for goodness knows how long, just to deliver a profane message that the intended recipients would only see via social media anyway. School spirit’s fun and all, but you know there’s a computer science student desperately trying to finish a problem set before the holiday break that had to grumble all the way to the library. We feel you, is all we’re saying.