09.01.07 11 years ago 38 Comments

Remember last season when Ohio State was #1 and Michigan was #2 and everybody was like, "these could be the best 2 college football teams ever." Then the Buckeyes beat the Wolverines in an entertaining game, and everybody was like: "these are still the best 2 teams in college football, so they should play for the national championship."  Some were disappointed when OSU played Florida in the BCS National Championship game, and Michigan played USC in the Rose Bowl.  Then both Big Ten both teams were waxed in their respective bowl games, and everybody was like: "perhaps we regarded these teams too highly."  Well, whoever makes the polls has a short memory because they ranked Michigan #5 this season (probably because of several returning starters at key offensive positions), and the mighty Wolverines lost to Division I-AA opponent Appalachian State today.

A pretty girl at the tavern just said that's the highest-ranked team ever to lose to a I-AA foe.  You can fact-check that yourselves and read about this colossal upset here – I'm going to see if she'll succumb to a lower-league competitor. -KD 

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