Relive Michigan State’s Miracle Win And Celebration With This Previously-Unseen Footage

The final play of Michigan State’s win over Michigan on Saturday requires a stronger word than “improbable.” It was a reality-defying triumph of circumstance, the shockwaves of which are still being felt in college football. The Big Ten Network has given it the instant-classic treatment, releasing this video on their behind-the-scenes arm The Journey, and their cameras got some amazing footage.

Sure, the new angle on Jalen Watts-Jackson’s return of the blocked punt is pretty cool, but this is incredible stuff for the aftermath, with a cameraman following the Spartans into the celebratory dogpile (which unfortunately broke Watts-Jackson’s hip), around the Big House and into the locker room. It’s fully mic’d up, and gives as good of a glimpse at the unadulterated joy of a college football win as any video we’ve seen. Well, unadulterated joy for everyone but Mark Dantonio, who truly proves himself a stoic of Saban-esque proportions in his locker room speech. He barely cracks a smile.

This will be a video that Michigan State fans replay over and over, and if you’re not a Michigan fan, I am concerned that you are self-harming by clicking on articles about this play. It’s best for you to move on.