Michigan State Recruit Jayru Campbell Bodyslammed A Security Guard. Not Pictured: Big Boot, Leg Drop.

Pro Wrestling Editor
01.23.14 10 Comments

In the biggest and most costly bodyslam since Andre The Giant won $15,000 slamming Big John Studd, Detroit Cass Tech High quarterback and Michigan State recruit Jayru Campbell is facing severe repercussions for scoop-slamming a uniformed official in the school hallway.

You know a guy’s strong when he can shoot bodyslam you. Here’s video of the incident (because everything everywhere is being recorded), with a NSFW warning for the ridiculous pandemonium that results. I bet WWE wishes they could get people to pop this hard for a transitional move.

Prep Rally notes that Jayru had already been suspended from the opening game of his senior season after punching an opposing player following his team’s 28-0 semifinal loss last fall, so … bright future, I guess.

Somewhere Michigan State’s football team is chanting, “NO! NO! NO!”

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