Michigan State Fans Celebrated The Ohio State Upset By Causing Some Obscene Mischief In The Streets

Saturday night featured one of the biggest wins in Michigan State football history. The Spartans’ 17-14 victory over No. 3 Ohio State in Columbus immediately vaulted the team back into College Football Playoff discussion and made Mark Dantonio’s bunch the favorite to win the Big Ten East. Now, Michigan State needs to beat Penn State and win the Big Ten Championship Game against Iowa and it will almost certainly earn a spot in the postseason.

Like any group of college football fans, Michigan State supporters decided to go all out when they celebrated the big win. One way they did this was by taking couches and lighting them on fire, as you can see in the video above.

Other fans decided to take a more unique and NSFW approach. There was snow on the ground in East Lansing, meaning that fans had plenty of opportunities to build things. Were they building snowmen or big Spartan logos or maybe even a shrine to kicker and air guitar master Michael Geiger?

No, they decided to take the snow and build some gigantic penises.


If this is how Michigan State fans celebrate a regular season win over Ohio State, imagine how they’ll celebrate if the Spartans win the Big Ten and, potentially, the national championship.