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Wow, sometimes sports stars can keep shocking you with their dark secrets even after they die. Like Mickey Mantle and the Yankees of the 1950s.

THE Bronx Bombers were scoring at will in the late 1950s – sometimes with hookers supplied by a well-connected pimp, newly declassified government documents reveal.

"A confidential source, who has furnished reliable information in the past, advised in June 1957 that a very prominent Washington, D.C.-area gambler and bookmaker arranged dates for members of the New York Yankees baseball club at a Washington, D.C., house of prostitution" – a group including Mantle.

Such a dark day for baseball. When an alcoholic Hall of Fame slugger whose favorite Yankee Stadium memory was getting a blowjob under the bleachers is found to have actually engaged in the services of a prostitute… well, I just don't know if the sport can ever heal these wounds. 

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