Here’s UFC Fighter Miesha Tate Beating The Crap Out Of Four Guys

Miesha Tate has declared herself to be in “career limbo” at the moment after being overlooked for another title shot against Ronda Rousey a few months ago. The whole thing played out pretty ugly — Tate won a No. 1 contender fight against Jessica Eye, UFC president Dana White confirmed she was next for Ronda, and then out of the blue Ronda Rousey announces she’s fighting Holly Holm instead.

That pissed Miesha off a little, and based on the above video it seems like she’s still got some of that anger and is able to put it to good use. The Janoskians are five friends from Australia that make Jackass-style videos that pull up to a million views, proving there’s still money to be milked out of hitting yourself in the nuts with things. This week they went to America and dropped into XTreme Couture Gym in Las Vegas to get their asses kicked by Tate.

Not content to choke each guy out just once, Tate agreed to face each one for two minutes apiece to see how many times she could tap them. There’s no counter, but I saw 15 taps. Not too shabby, Miesha, but Ronda could have done 20!