Miesha Tate Calls Out ‘Pouty’ Ronda Rousey And Questions Her Heart On ‘Conan’

Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey are like Jerry and Newman, Mr. McMahon and Stone Cold, or the Bears and the Packers. Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey’s feud is so real and so deep, it will likely go on forever. There won’t be a respectful handshake years down the line, and if there is a third fight between the two WMMA demigods, it will only fuel the flames of their blood feud further. Simply put: Ronda hates Miesha and Miesha hates Ronda.

We saw an entire season of sh*t-talk on The Ultimate Fighter, we saw Miesha Tate’s elbow bend at impossible angles during their first fight in Strikeforce and then we saw her submit once again to Ronda in the UFC.

But now, everything has changed. The mighty Ronda has fallen to Holly Holm, who subsequently fell to Miesha Tate, and Miesha doesn’t believe Ronda (if she comes back) will be the same fighter that was once considered to be one of the greatest ever. Why are we talking about the never-ending Miesha/Ronda hatred? Because Miesha hopped on Conan to discuss her upcoming UFC 200 fight with Amanda Nunes, but things naturally transitioned to her rival.

“I’ve been defeated before and I’ve come back stronger for it. I question if she’ll be able to do the same.”

Cue the “deal with it” sunglasses immediately after that comment. Look at Miesha, she knows Ronda is watching and she know she’s getting under her skin.

Miesha continued to pile onto the former champ.

“She seems awfully pouty about the loss and it’s like, we’ve all had losses. You either get up back on the horse or you sit out for a year.”

BOOM. That’s a cutting comment right there. Even Kumail Nanjiani’s like, “damn.” Granted, Ronda Rousey was genuinely beat the **** up by Holly, and could only bite into an apple months after the fight, but Miesha has a point — you gotta get back on that horse. But then again, Miesha is only now getting the Conan spots, the calls to do mainstream media and the pressure of being a UFC champion. How will she handle it? I guess we’ll find out at UFC 200. And who knows how Ronda will respond to this interview.