Watch This Little Kid Trash Talk Miguel Cabrera And Get An Unexpected Reward In Return

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The ever-chatty Miguel Cabrera engaged in a back-and-forth with an Indians fan on Tuesday night, resulting in one of the coolest moments of the season.

It started when a child snagged a foul ball with his hat.

That led to some serious trash-talking with the Tigers first baseman.

Then, a stare down.

So, Miggy showered the kid with some gifts.

It wasn’t long ago that Cabrera had a contentious relationship with fans. In 2009, he reportedly got into it with a teenager at a Detroit area bar, calling him “fat” and telling him he needed to “work out.” In 2011, he walked into a Florida bar and threatened to kill people and blow the place up. He was later arrested for DUI.

Suffice it to say, Miguel’s more mature and a lot more friendly these days.