This One-Handed Grab By Mike Evans May Be The NFL’s Catch Of The Year

Associate Editor

We may have to end the NFL’s Catch of the Year year competition right now, because it’s hard to imagine someone one-upping this amazing grab by Tampa Bay stud Mike Evans. Jameis Winston threw the ball to his go-to receiver, and Evans rewarded his faith by bringing the pass in with one hand. Evans is one of the most talented receivers in the league, so he’s capable of doing something like this every now and then, but this was still a really impressive snag because he had to go way up to get this ball.

But that wasn’t all Evans did on this play, because while it would have been special if he just caught it with one hand, he did so much more. Evans barely got both feet inbounds even though he caught this while he was nearly hugging the sideline.

Oh, and Evans did this while getting absolutely obliterated by Tampa Bay safety Keanu Neal. It was a clean, legal hit, but Neal really laid the lumber on Evans. No one would have been mad if Evans dropped the pass after this, but he secured the ball against his body and took it with him as he went to the ground. Put all of this together and you have, quite possibly, the NFL’s single best catch of 2016.

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