Mike Francesa Was Very Confused When Asked For Thoughts On The QB From ‘Friday Night Lights’

New York sports radio legend Mike Francesa isn’t quite as sharp as he once was when it comes to consuming sporting events, and that’s especially the case for things that happen outside of New York City. We’ve already seen Francesa struggle this year to fill time with bracket talk and analyze the NCAA Tournament, and now that it’s NFL Draft time, we’re back in a position where he has to come up with analysis for players that, quite frankly, he’s probably not seen.

However, while he might spew vague thoughts about teams or players he’s not really watched but at least heard of, he won’t get caught in a trap to get him to give fake analysis of a player he hasn’t heard of. We learned that thanks to an intrepid Francesa caller who tried to catch the host napping — which sometimes you can literally do on the show — with a question about quarterback Matt Saracen, from “one of the Texas schools.”

Francesa, to his credit, says he’s not familiar with the kid and doesn’t try to make something up, which is good, because Matt Saracen is the quarterback from the TV show “Friday Night Lights.” At some point, Francesa is saved by a producer who realizes what’s happening and cuts off the caller and passes the info along to Mike that the kid isn’t real. At that point, Francesa goes on and on about how he’s not going to get trapped by a made-up player.