Watch Mike Francesa Spend 40 Seconds Of His Show Staring At His Cell Phone

05.27.15 3 years ago

Based on Mike Francesa’s Uproxx tag page, it’s clear that we have not spent much of our time focusing on the legendary WFAN broadcaster. There was, of course, the day he fell asleep on the air, but beyond that, our archives are relatively barren, considering the amount of attention he gets within the New York media and the sports talk radio universe.

If the video above is an indication of what we’ve been missing, perhaps it’s time we took a different stance on the man his fans call The Sports Pope.

During a portion of The Mike Francesa Show on Tuesday, the host spent a full 40 seconds looking up something on his phone, with nothing but a series of hums and grunts to keep his listening audience occupied. I will admit, it took until the end of the video where he finally gave up what he was searching for and took a call from a listener before I realized that this was not during a commercial break.

Congratulations, Mike Francesa. You’ve finally got my attention.

[via WEEI]

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