Mike Francesa Thought The Photoshop Of Todd Gurley Swapping Jerseys With A Ref Was Real

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The Rams are headed to the Super Bowl to face the Patriots in Atlanta after taking down the Saints in New Orleans on Sunday in an overtime thriller.

While the Rams managed to pressure Drew Brees into an interception in overtime and Greg Zuerlein crushed a 57-yard field goal to win, the only thing people could talk about afterwards was the blown pass interference call that should’ve gone against the Rams with under two minutes to play on a third down pass in the red zone from the Saints. The missed call was as egregious as anything you’ll see, and so Saints fans, players, and coaches were rightfully furious about what could’ve been the difference in the game — New Orleans would’ve been close to able to run out the clock had it been called.

Everyone has a take on the situation, and the league will reportedly explore a CFL type rule that allows for pass interference calls to be reviewed. The Rams, to their credit, haven’t acted like the no-call wasn’t a gift and had some fun with the situation. Nickell Robey-Coleman, the offending player on the hit, happily admitted to getting there early, and Todd Gurley posted a photoshop someone made of him swapping jerseys with the referee after the game.

It was very clearly a photoshop, but there are still people that just believe everything they see on the internet, including legendary New York radio host Mike Francesa who was fired up about Gurley’s Instagram post and how it was appalling a ref would do that.

Francesa is the real life version of “Old Man Yells At Cloud,” but even for him this is a different level of accidental performance art on the radio. The best part is his producers just let him go, there’s no reason to spend five minutes trying to explain photoshop to him, he’s on a roll so let him cook. Mike’s On, y’all.