NFL Network Reporter Mike Garafolo Poured Coffee All Over Himself During A Live Hit

Every major sports league other than the NFL is on pause right now as the coronavirus pandemic shuts down civic life across North America, but NFL Network is still going strong. So strong, in fact, that we watched a man pour coffee on himself during a conversation about Kareem Hunt.

The incident happed on Monday morning in a talk about free agency, as the league’s new year is set to start on Wednesday. Somehow, everyone on screen started drinking coffee. The bit starts when Ian Rapoport sipped from a metal thermos live on air, which caused host Rhett Lewis to comment about it on air. Tom Pelissero then did the same, taking a sip from his NFL Network mug with it prominently displayed on air, as he put his elbows up on the table in front of his camera to make a point to attract as much attention as possible.


The big does have a pratfall, however, as Mike Garafolo tries to join in on the fun. He thought his mug was empty, though, and so he grabbed it and turned it over in front of him, as if to say that he can’t take part because he doesn’t have any coffee. He does, though. And in doing his bit of space work essentially poured coffee all over himself and the laptop in front of him.

Garafolo later shared a picture of the damage he did to a still-wet laptop and some other electronics on the table in front of him.

It made for some hilarious television and certainly lightened the mood of what’s been a pretty dark bit of time in the sports world. The segment was actually getting thrown to Garafolo right as he poured the coffee, which Lewis realizes and creates this incredible image as the entire show paused for a moment.


“I thought that that was empty and I can’t believe I just did that,” Garafolo said. “I was trying to make a joke and I just spilled coffee all over myself. I’m gonna be on Twitter, that is incredible.”

He did is best to clean himself up and also, you know, keep live television going as best he can. It was a strange moment but certainly a welcome one given the times we live in. Hopefully the coffee wasn’t too hot, though.

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