11.11.08 10 years ago 15 Comments

The Cardinals hadn’t won on Monday Night Football in two decades, and last night they tried to lose in the most heartbreaking fashion possible, but they didn’t count on the 49ers wanting it even less.  Thanks to a Kurt Warner-orchestrated comeback and the Niners’ love of turning the ball over, the Cards won 29-24.

If you missed the game, don’t believe what the journalists are calling Arizona’s “last-second goal-line stand.”  Here was the situation for the Niners: second and goal from the 1 after Shaun Hill spiked the ball to stop the clock following three straight completions picking apart Arizona’s D.  Three chances for the end zone, no timeouts, twenty seconds on the clock.  Noted offensive genius Mike Martz calls two RUNNING PLAYS, one to Frank Gore for the loss of a yard, the other a dive play up the middle with Michael Robinson.  Stuffed.  Game over.

After the jump, enjoy video Kurt Warner thanking God for Martz’s shitty play-calling, and Tim Hightower shattering the visor of Mark Roman.  It was the one play where Hightower wasn’t a complete and utter waste of a player on the field.

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