Important Update: Mike Trout Rules

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06.28.12 7 Comments

If you haven’t been following the story of Los Angles Angels rookie Mike Trout this season, here’s the gist: he’s everything you want to like about Bryce Harper without all the things you hate about Bryce Harper.

Via AOL FanHouse:

[J.J.] Hardy thought he had his 12th home run of the season in the bottom of the first inning after he drove Jered Weaver’s breaking ball to deep right-center field. Trout ran all the way back to the warning track, leaped up and snagged the ball over his head before it landed beyond the fence. Trout hit the wall, landed on his feet and may have been more excited than Angels fans watching.

“Now that is Torii Hunter, circa 2002 against Barry Bonds in the All-Star Game,” the Angels announcer said as Trout celebrated the highlight.

Because they called it out by name, here’s that very Bonds clip for your comparing/contrasting needs:

Study questions:

1. Who did it better, Trout or Hunter?

2. Can we just combine them into one guy and call him “Trout Hunter”?

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