Let Mike Tyson Regale You With The Story Of When He Crashed A Ferrari Through A Window

Mike Tyson is probably the funniest person who could destroy 99.999% of the world’s population with a single flick of his finger. And that fact isn’t what makes him so funny. It’s not nervous laughter (although I could see there being plenty of nervous laughter around him in person). Tyson is now as comfortable on camera and on stage as he was in the ring. The timing of his jokes are officially on par with prime Tyson strikes. There’s a reason why comedy is intrinsically tied with violence — great performers “kill” — Mike Tyson knows how to do that verbally and physically.

In this interview with the puppet Diego from the Awkward Puppets YouTube channel, Mike gives advice to the mustachioed puppet in addition to discussing his “favorite” arrest.

“My favorite arrest I would have to say is when I bought a Ferrari and I didn’t know how to drive the Ferrari and it was idling and it went through a window. The glass window? It went through it. My car went through the glass window, and I had to get arrested because of property damage.”

Complex allegedly did a cursory search of Iron Mike’s past, and no arrest came up regarding property damage via luxury automobile, so it seems like we have a real Mike Tyson mystery on our hands. But why would a man who’s such an open book lie?

Either way, the big takeaway from this video is how cozy Mike Tyson likes to get on the couch. He’s clearly moved all of the pillows near him so he can snuggle hard while telling stories of his weird past.

(Via Complex)