Mike Tyson Gave Conor McGregor Some Financial Advice, And It Was Actually Pretty Good

11.01.16 1 year ago

When you think of people who’d give sound financial advice, the name Mike Tyson probably doesn’t pop into your head. Mike was one of the original celebrities infamous for his spending excesses, and he ended up declaring bankruptcy in 2003 despite making over $300 million dollars during his boxing career.

But the Mike Tyson walking around now is a new Mike Tyson, and that new Mike Tyson actually does give out some decent pointers on money. According to Conor McGregor’s coach John Kavanaugh, he doled out one such pointer to the Irish MMA superstar during one of their encounters.

“He said to Conor ‘If it depreciates, lease it. If it appreciates, buy it.’ That was it,” Kavanaugh told The Independent. “Not that [Conor] listened – he bought 25 cars the next day!”

This must have been the time McGregor bought an entire fleet of luxury cars for his family and friends. McGregor seems to be very fond of buying cars … his personal collection includes a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, Mercedes-Benz S500, Corvette Stingray, and several BMWs. I’d give you the full breakdown, but we’re busy people and he’d probably buy another three cars by next week.

From the outside, at least, McGregor seems to be on the same destructive path money wise as Mike Tyson was. But apparently his long time girlfriend Dee Devlin runs the show at what he calls ‘Conor McGregor Inc’ and keeps the money separated between what can be spent and what’s to be saved.

With McGregor quickly approaching the $10 million dollar per fight mark, we’re sure the disposable cash pile is big enough for him to have fun. But this is another chance to learn from Mike Tyson: he was making $30 million per fight by the end, and that didn’t save him from losing it all.

(via The Independent)

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