Mike Tyson Steps Into The Octagon In This Spectacular Video For EA UFC 2

Your hypothetical conversations in which Mike Tyson fights Roy Nelson has finally come true, digital combat enthusiast. EA has officially decided to cash-in on their licensing of Mike Tyson, and have placed him right in the middle of the UFC’s Octagon. And not just classic Mike Tyson, but newfangled, face tattoo Mike Tyson, as well. Yes, there can possibly be Tyson on Tyson action. The last time we saw digital Tyson was in EA’s Fight Night: Champion, which had arguably the greatest heavyweight ever at a 92 overall rating, making him the second-best fighter in the game. Just under Muhammad Ali.

Of course, you have to wonder about Tyson’s rating in EA UFC. Tyson doesn’t know how to stop the takedown. Will he really be one of the most powerful fighters in the game this time out? Remember when Randy Couture fought James Toney, ducked one swing, took him down and ended Toney’s dream at a crossover fighting career in mere seconds? On the flipside, will Tyson knock out anyone he touches with those 4-ounce gloves?

The same team that worked on Fight Night is making EA UFC, so it’s no surprise that they want to get Tyson in the game. If you read our interview with Creative Director Brian Hayes, you’ll see that Bruce Lee is likely making his way back to the Octagon, so maybe, with some tweaking of settings, Mike Tyson vs. Bruce Lee can happen. Amazing.

Oh, and Tyson vs. CM PUNK!!!??? Punk wins within a round. This is a good day for digital fighting.