Mike Tyson Has Offered His Own World Cup Pep Talk For America Today

Hulk Hogan already weighed in with a pep talk for the U.S. Men’s National Team, and that led to an amazing not-win-but-win against Germany, so it was time for another one-time icon to fire up the fans on game day. As America prepares to face Belgium at 4 PM ET on ESPN today in a World Cup knockout round match for the ages, Fox Sports reached out to Mike Tyson to let everyone know what he thinks of those waffle-lovers and their chances today. Thpoiler alert: Tyson thinks that the U.S. is going to kick Belgium’s asses and we all have to agree, because otherwise we will be deported.

While I appreciate any former wrestler, athlete or celebrity stepping forward to inspire an already-fired-up fan base, I have to admit that I’m rather upset by the absence of Sgt. Slaughter. America needs its heroes more than ever, Sarge.