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Worst. Movie. EVAR.

Tyson said the energy on the sets of a music video he recently shot for a new comedy got him thinking about trying to do more Bollywood work, The Times of India reported Monday. The former heavyweight boxing champion said in an interview that Firoz Nadiadwala, producer of "Fool n Final," had approached him with a script. "Firoz has discussed a movie with me," the newspaper quoted Tyson as saying.

Of course, it'll never happen.  This is just the standard thing Mike Tyson does every two months to get his name in the headlines.  Get a face tattoo.  Declare new profession of male prostitute.  Get arrested and confess doing all kinds of drugs.  Basically the only things he hasn't done to get attention are eat a live baby and threaten Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune.  Seriously, somebody needs to put Sajak in his place.  Like he actually cares when people land on Bankrupt.  Smug bastard.

NOTE: WL's assistant editor had the lead on this three weeks ago, but it's been popping up in a bunch of places today, so I thought 289 and I should give it a go.

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