Mike Tyson Once Again Talked About The Day He Didn’t Kill Brad Pitt

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12.05.12 5 Comments

Mike Tyson has told the story about the time he caught his then-wife Robin Givens with then-nobody actor Brad Pitt before. The story originally involved Tyson showing up to Givens’ house right after she’d served him with divorce papers, and he wanted a little nookie for the time being. Unfortunately, she wasn’t home, and as he was leaving, Givens pulled up to her house with Pitt and everyone was like, “Awkward!” I also assume that Pitt peed a little.

But now, as Tyson explained in a recent interview with Yahoo!’s Graham Bensinger, the event went down just a tad bit differently than he originally told it. It turns out, according to Tyson, that he actually caught Givens and Pitt in the act of what the romantics call – doing it.

“I was getting a divorce. I was going to my lawyer’s office to divorce her that day but I wanted to sneak in a quickie. This particular day, someone beat me to the punch. I guess Brad got there earlier than I did. I was mad as hell. You should’ve saw his face when he saw me.”

I like to think Pitt’s face looked a little like this…

But I’m also a little surprised that it didn’t end up like this…

Either way, I think the change of story is a bit convenient for Tyson, and I’ll be shocked if by next year it doesn’t take place on the back of a dragon on the planet Testiculon, while Givens and Pitt were locked in a human pretzel with the Queen and a woman with seven breasts. I’m sorry, that’s theven breaths. Apologies, Mike.

Anyway, as always, the Tyson interview is pretty fun and you can watch it right here.

(H/T to the HuffPo)

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