Mike Tyson Stars In A Local Super Bowl Ad For A Plumbing Business, And It’s Pretty Bizarre

Entertainment Editor
02.07.16 4 Comments

Do your clogged pipes have you against the ropes? Are you unable to function, sitting in the corner, telling your coaches and those depending on you to fix the plumbing that you “can’t”? Well if you can’t do it, Michael & Son can. Just like this beat up boxer represents your fight against all those pipes, toilets and sinks you’ve ruined and are unable to fix, Mike Tyson represents the knockout power of Michael & Son, who will run into a ring illegally when the other fighter doesn’t expect it and nail him with a sucker punch.

Nail your clogged pipes illegally with a Michael & Son sucker punch. It’s the only way you’ll teach them a lesson they won’t soon forget. Stupid pipes.

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