04.14.07 11 years ago

Former cartilage nibbler Mike Tyson is set to appear in a Bollywood video:

But the former heavyweight champion is set to groove to Hindustani pop music in a promotional video for “Fool and Final,” an upcoming comedy, the film's media consultant said yesterday in Mumbai (formerly Bombay).

Wait a second – they changed Bombay to Mumbai?  When did this happen?  I had better get to my Uncle's house and drink that case of Bombay Sapphire Gin before it goes bad.  The only explanation for the unusual casting of this promo is that the entertainment industry must have a bar where publicists get each other drunk and invent crazy ideas after last call.  We've all been there: you emerge from the john to a suddenly bright tavern, and all the best sexy people are gone.  You must close a deal with someone though, for your diary knows when you're lying.

Why Tyson? Aside from instant publicity, action hero Sunny Deol stars as a boxer in the film, directed by Ahmed Khan.  “The movie is a laugh riot, and the filmmakers thought Tyson would be great in the promo,” [the film's publicity director N.] Chattani said.

It sounds like a barrel of fun Mr. Chattani, and it appears Bollywood is about twenty years behind its L.A. counterpart because it looks like you're going through your "heavy cocaine phase." Kudos to you! -KD

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