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We all remember those good times from yesterday, when police searched one of Michael Vick's properties and found neglected dogs, which stirred the news that he's long been under investigation for participating in illegal cock- and dog-fighting.  It was enough to maybe give you a negative view of the otherwise stalwart citizen that is Michael Vick.

Thankfully, PETA weighed in on the issue, successfully making Vick a sympathetic figure.

PETA is calling on the Atlanta Falcons to immediately suspend Vick pending the outcome of the investigation, and if animals on his property are found to have been neglected or used for fighting, we're asking that he be released from the team… [E]ven a year with Joey Harrington at the helm is better than having your team led by someone with a mark like this on their record.

Now that's just an ugly statement.  Don't get me wrong, I prefer dogs to most people (I can't get enough of the Daily Puppy), but any kind of criminal is better than Joey Harrington as your quarterback.  If I had a choice between Harrington and a re-animated Adolf Hitler to QB my team, I'd rub my chin and say, "How does Hitler move in the pocket?" 

ADDENDUM: Back to piling on Vick: he's due in court for trespassing.

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