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I don’t care if Bruins winger Milan Lucic was born in Vancouver or not; his parents are dirty Serbs and so his he. And don’t tell me that I’m some kind of Serbist; I have have lots of Serbian friends. Well, I do until they find out I’m from Kosovo. Anyway, Lucic was back in action last night after serving his one-game suspension and back to his old ways, taking down Mike Komisarek as his Bruins eliminated the Montreal Canadiens from the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Hockeyfights, one of the reasons that the internet is the greatest thing ever, brings us video of the “fight,” which is really Lucic pulling some judo move after “punching” Komisarek almost before he can get his gloves off. The move was similar to the one Lucic executed in their fisticuffish confrontation back on November 13th, which is clipped in the first vid, but available in its entirety after the jump.

Other playoff news: the Rangers went up 3-1 on the Caps last night, and Calgary knotted its series with Chicago at 2 apiece. Detroit will probably knock Columbus out of the playoffs tonight, and Puck Daddy says that Toronto might get a second NHL team, possibly the Phoenix Coyotes. It’s hard to imagine what Arizona would be like without professional ice hockey. The game’s so ingrained into their culture down there.

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