The Newest Milwaukee Brewers Minor League Affiliate Has An Extremely ‘Toasty’ Mascot

Rocky Mountain Vibes

There’s a new minor league baseball team getting ready to make its debut in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in 2019 and it very much would like to remind you not to harsh its vibe. The Rocky Mountain Vibes is the new Rookie League affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers for the 2019 season, something that, despite the incredible team name, would otherwise be a blip in the news cycle if it wasn’t for the absolutely amazing mascot that made its debut alongside it.

Toasty Vibes is the incredibly chill, slightly on fire and very clearly high new mascot for the Vibes, and he is a S’more. But not just any S’more. Oh no. According to Vibes general manager Chris Phillips, Toasty Vibes is the “s’more I want to hang out with,” which is a very real quote from a very real person.

Toasty, who is depicted in mid-sprint, rocking a pair of pants and chucking up the deuces like the very cool and zen marshmallow bro that he is, is just one of the logos that debuted on Monday. Another features a half eaten marshmallow roasting on a stick, while the other incorporates the “C” in Colorado’s state flag into the top of an untouched mallow, which is also roasting on a stick.

The team name Rocky Mountain Vibes was selected over a group of five other fan-submitted nicknames that were requested this summer, a list that included Happy Campers, Lamb Chops and Throttle Jockeys. Why? Well, let’s let our guy Phillips explain.

“Colorado is a super-transient state, so many people are from somewhere else. You hear things like, ‘When I moved here, I was such a happy camper.’ It’s not so much about camping as it is a state of mind. The people who live out here, whether they’re camping or hiking with their family or walking the dog or having a beer with a buddy, they’re happy campers.

But what makes the people here happy campers?” he continued. “It’s the outdoors, the sunshine, that feeling you get when you live here in Colorado. So what’s that feeling? How do you describe that?

We came to the realization that we didn’t want to be a thing, didn’t want to be an animal,” said Phillips. “Being an attitude, a feeling, an emotion, that allows us to do a million different things. The possibilities are limitless. When you have that word, it means a number of different things to different people at different times of day.”

Regardless of what the team name ended up being, Toasty Vibes was always destined to be the mascot. You can even get the very chill s’mores mascot on a hoodie, if you so choose, alongside weed-friendly phrases like “Don’t hash my mallow!” and “Get toasty!”

Toasty Vibes just wants to have a good time, you guys. Go Vibes!