A High School Won A State Title On A Hail Mary And A Lateral For A Touchdown As Time Expired

The eyes of the football watching world were on the numerous college football conference championship games on Saturday. While those were going on, we got something truly incredible out of an unlikely source of footballing excellence: the Minnesota Class AAA title game between the Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton Rebels and the New London-Spicer Wildcats.

DGF scored a touchdown with 24 seconds remaining in the game to put themselves up, 26-21. All they need to do was survive and they’d call themselves champions, and with four ticks left, things looked pretty good for them. New London-Spicer had the ball on the Rebels’ 48-yard line and needed a miracle, which they somehow got.

The Wildcats signal caller, Blake Schultz, threw up a prayer in the general direction of the end zone, which was brought in by Grant Paffrath. He was immediately wrapped up and tackled, but before he hit the ground, he had the presence of mind to look behind him, where one of his teammates had a head of steam. Brycen Christensen got the ball, sprinted towards the end zone, and despite a defensive back’s best effort, was able to score as time ran out.

While I am open to the possibility this ends up being wrong, I do not think we are going to have a better ending to a football game this year.

(h/t InForum)