The Minnesota Twins Played A Delightfully Mean Prank On Mike Pelfrey

Minnesota Twins pitcher and Wichita State alum Mike Pelfrey was probably pretty bummed to watch his beloved Shockers lose to the Kentucky Wildcats in the NCAA Tournament, ending their undefeated season and run at a National Championship. He’s probably even more bummed because his manager, Ron Gardenhire, and teammate Glen Perkins decided to play a pretty hilarious prank on him to take advantage of the fact that he’s not exactly the most charismatic guy in the world.

Gardenhire brought Pelfrey into his office under the guise that the Shockers wanted some famous former students to call in and help pump them up for their biggest game to date, except Pelfrey admitted that he had no idea how to do it. Bless his heart, he gave it a shot anyway, and the result was both mean and wonderful.

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