It’s Hard To Imagine A Dumber Own Goal Than This One From The Minnesota United Goalkeeper

Sammy Ndjock had a rough evening. Things were humming along for Ndjock, a Minnesota United goalkeeper, before his hands betrayed him. They betrayed him in the worst way imaginable. He conceded one of the worst own goals imaginable and nearly hit his head on the post in the process.

Own goals aren’t the end of the world, but they usually happen with defenders trying to clear a ball and just making a mistake or clearing it off their face. It’s a rarity for a keeper to concede an own goal, especially when he is using his hands.

Maybe Ndjouck handled a greasy sandwich with his goalie gloves before the game. Goalie gloves do fit like mittens, after all. Maybe Ndjouck was trying to execute an option pitch, but forgot he was in an empty back set. There has to be some cosmic explanation for such a catastrophic own goal. Minnesota United lost this game 4-0; Ndjouck lost something much worse.

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