The Vikings Created A Vine Of A Viking Taking A Purple Crap On A Cardinal’s Head

11.20.16 2 years ago

The Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Cardinals are playing on Sunday afternoon. It should be a really great game if you like defensive slugfests – both defenses are ranked in the top-5 in scoring and total defense on the year, so if you like watching teams throw haymakers at one another for four quarters, definitely watch this one.

The Vikings decided to use social media to get their fans fired up for this one, as football teams are wont to do in 2016. They did this by making a claymation video, which is fun and unique and probably kind of tough to do, so credit to the Vikings for really going all-out with this.

As for what was in that video, uh, that’s where things get weird. It depicts a cardinal walking down a road, minding its own dang business, when suddenly some purple goo falls on its head. The camera then pans up and shows a viking taking a crap, with the implication being that the viking pooped on the cardinal. This is weird for a few reasons:

  1. This is supposed to make people think the bird is bad. To recap, the bird isn’t bothering anyone, it’s just walking down the street oblivious to the world and whistling something when some jerkface craps on its head. If anything, this makes me sympathize with the bird and want it to beat the heck out of the viking.
  2. Why is the viking going to the bathroom in a tree? It seems like a ton of unnecessary work to climb up a tree to do your business when you could just, like, find a bathroom somewhere. Also: what is the viking reading? Don’t judge a book by its cover and all that but it does not look like there’s anything in it.
  3. The viking’s crap is purple. I am the farthest thing from a doctor but I am 100 percent certain that this is not supposed to happen and this viking needs to get to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.

This video is incredibly weird and “poop on your enemies” is a terrible message to get across but if it fires up Vikings fans I suppose it’ll do its job.

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