A Former NHL Star Was Insanely Drunk While Driving His Son To A Youth Game

Darryl Sydor
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Former NHL defensemen and current Minnesota Wild assistant coach Darryl Sydor was arrested on Thursday night for suspicion of drunk driving, which is bad enough as it is. Somehow, though, it gets much much worse with more details.

You see, not only was Sydor arrested for driving under the influence, but, while he was doing so, his 12-year-old son was in the car with him as they were on their way to the child’s youth hockey game. On top of all of that, Sydor’s blood alcohol level was a .30, which is insane. For reference, a .30 is listed as “complete unconsciousness, depressed or absent reflexes, subnormal body temperature, incontinence, and impairment of circulation and respiration.” Death can start coming into play at a .37, so that’s where Sydor was allegedly at the time of his arrest.

In addition to his DWI charge, Sydor is also being charged with child endangerment. Via KSTP:

Monsrud said Sydor failed a field sobriety test and displayed slow and slurred speech. He also fumbled to find his driver’s license.

Police gave Sydor’s son a ride to the hockey game. Sydor has four children, according to information on the team’s website.

Sydor has been an assistant with the Wild since 2010, and is probably best remembered for his 10 years with the Dallas Stars as a player. No word yet from the Wild or the NHL about additional punishments.

(Via: KSTP)