A Minor League Baseball Game Will Feature These Outstanding ‘Hey Arnold!’ Jerseys

Jerseys in Minor League Baseball remain undefeated. An upcoming game between two class-A teams, the Frederick Keys and the Lynchburg Hillcats, will feature these outstanding jerseys that pay homage to one of your favorite cartoons as a kid, Hey Arnold!

These jerseys are part of the Keys’ 90s Nickelodeon Night. If that sounds familiar it’s because the team has done this promotion in the past. Last year, the Keys wore Rugrats uniforms, and by “Rugrats uniforms,” I mean uniforms that were almost exact replicas of what Chuckie Finster wore on Rugrats.

This game is special, though, because both teams will get special uniforms. The Keys will dress up in Arnold jerseys, while the Hillcats will wear Gerald jerseys. Now, if you were a dedicated Hey Arnold! fan back in the day, this may confuse you, as Arnold and Gerald were best friends, so having two opposing teams wear their jerseys don’t make too much sense even if it’s cool. Wouldn’t Arnold and, like, Helga jerseys or Wolfgang jerseys be better for the theme? Then again, those Gerald jerseys are awesome, and maybe the two teams are trying to convey the importance of friendship, even when it’s with your adversary, which is admirable.

Anyway, the Keys announced in a press release that the jerseys won’t be the only Hey Arnold! things at the game.

There will also be a number of special surprises and Hey Arnold! themed games throughout the night. Nymeo Field will be renamed “Quigley Stadium” the Dugout Dogs stand will be known as “Mickey’s All Natural Casings Dog Pound and the Angus Grill will be renamed “Green’s Meats for nine innings.

For on-field games, there will be a Sugar Chunks box top rip-off, a Stinky Peterson pudding eating contest and a Jolly Olly man ice cream race. Fans can also identify the hairstyles of their favorite show characters during “who in the hair is that”, answer Hey Arnold! trivia and take part in the Helga shrine cam.

The game will take place on June 17. Please put these jerseys online so those of us who recklessly spend money on things can purchase one, Keys.

(via SB Nation)