Check Out This Minor League Baseball Player Showing Off His Impressive Rap Game

Everybody needs a backup plan because, you know, life is unpredictable and all that jazz. But usually backup plans are boring, like some 9-5 desk job. (Unless your first job is some 9-5 desk job.)

Digressing, how many people have a pro baseball career as a priority and a rap career as a backup? John Williamson, a Single-A pitcher for the South Bend Cubs, does. Check out the Instagram video above of him showing off his freestyle skills.

I don’t pretend to know the first thing about freestyling, but as someone who stumbles over their own words more than I care to admit, that’s impressive. So, hey, if this whole baseball thing doesn’t work out – or even if it does – Williamson has a promising music career in his back pocket ready to go.

By the way, does Williamson have his own walk-up rap music? Because he should. And if he ever makes it to the major leagues, he should literally rap his own introduction on the big screen when he walks up to bat (kinda like R-Truth, except baseball). That by itself wouldn’t make him the greatest pitcher of all time, but it would definitely make him the most versatile and entertaining. And that counts for something.

(Via Yahoo Sports)