A Minor League Baseball Team Is Coming Under Fire For A Shockingly Sexist Promotion

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On the surface, the Ogden Raptors seem as harmlessly inconsequential as any other random Minor League Baseball team located around the country in small towns and suburbs. A Pioneer League affiliate of the Dodgers, the Raptors are based in Utah and seem to have a similar fan base as many other Minor League clubs – local fans who might not have a MLB team close by or just want a fun night out with their families that doesn’t require them to break the bank. But with the announcement of an upcoming promotional night, fans of both the team and the game of baseball have turned against the club.

The event, titled “Hourglass Appreciation Night” is taking place to celebrate the “sport sans clock” and seems innocent enough until you start digging below the surface level details. In fact, it doesn’t take long before the entire thing is revealed to be an incredibly gross and sexist promotional attempt that would have been better left behind in the brainstorm phase of this season’s marketing prep. You can read about the full details on the team’s official site, but be warned that each sentence is harder to read than the last.

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