A Minor League Umpire Got Booed For Being A Jerk To A Dog


Finn the Bat Dog is an employee of Las Vegas Aviators. His job is, well, in his name, and Finn had a big night on Tuesday, as the Aviators opened a brand new ballpark against the Sacramento River Cats.

The AAA affiliate of the Oakland Athletics had plenty to celebrate on Tuesday, but for Finn, it was just another day at the office. And like all employees, he knows that labor sometimes has to deal with hardships put upon them by The Man. In Finn’s case, it’s a persnickety umpire who didn’t have time for canine antics during the game.

Finn’s job is, of course, to retrieve bats and be a Very Good Boy while doing it. But the umpire decided to make that hard on him. So he got booed to hell for tossing a bat away from Finn, who had to go chase it down anyway.

You could argue that Finn, a dog, would enjoy chasing down a rather large piece of wood and returning it to a designated area. But you could also argue that Finn is a working dog, and the umpire was operating not in the spirit of play, but with malice. And thus, he deserved the boos he received.

Finn didn’t have the worst day, though. Even though the umpire was a jerk that made his job a bit tough, he did get to go for a swim before the game.

Some dogs have all the fun. Anyway, there’s a lot to talk about with the Aviators. Like these guys.

Still, Finn is our favorite employee of the team, and we wish him the best on the season that lay ahead.