This Poor Fan Puked All Over Herself On The Field At A Baseball Game, And A Meme Was Born

You could make a case that Minor League Baseball is one of the last bastions of creativity in American entertainment. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and minor-league teams are constantly pushing the boundaries of promotions to get people into their ballpark. Better Call Saul night with Bob Odenkirk himself, crazy themed jerseys, food that will literally kill you — heck, even Bill Murray’s mere presence — they’ll try anything, and it’s often some combination of bizarre, brilliant and grotesque.

Well, on Thursday night, a Charleston River Dogs (hey, Bill Murray’s team!) between-innings event fell decidedly into the grotesque camp, with a ribbon-dancing contest that went perfectly fine until that poor fan you see above was coming off the field. Maybe she tried one too many spins, but whatever it was, it was enough for her to lose her lunch. Considering where she was, we do not want to know the composition of her upchuck.

This got our own Dave Lozo thinking, though: There’s a meme in here! The quick turn from happy-go-lucky to pukey is some great visual comedy, perfect for a reaction take. Here:

Try it for yourselves!