02.26.08 10 years ago 24 Comments

In a battle between depressing, sunburnt California cities, the Bakersfield Condors fell to the Fresno Falcons 6-1 on Sunday in historic Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield.  With the Condors' season falling into a tailspin, the final Falcons goal ignited an indignant maelstrom from Condors goalie Michel Robinson and coach Marty Raymond (via FanHaus).

The melting point came when Fresno's Kenny Bernard took a shot and crashed the net toward… Robinson. Robinson made the save and Bernard's stick came up high, the blade under Robinson's chin, and the follow through literally ripped Robinson's mask off. Fresno's Mike Ramsey skated in and hammered in the loose puck…

At that instant, Robinson erupted. He skated from his crease screaming at Johnson and tossed his catching glove into the boards… After talking with Johnson at the bench, it was Raymond's turn to erupt. It started with one stick before Raymond reached back and tossed all the spare sticks onto the ice, followed by the Gatorade container.

Sheesh, tone it down, buddy.  You're in the minor leagues.  It's not like you're in the NHL, or even a relevant hockey league.

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