These Ridiculous ‘Garfield’ Jerseys Are Actually Going To Be Worn During A Minor League Hockey Game

We’ve seen plenty of wacky minor league promotions and uniforms in the past, but the clear leader in 2016 so far has to be these hockey jerseys that will pay tribute to Garfield later this month. The Indy Fuel and Evansville IceMen of the ECHL will honor the famous cartoon with ridiculous jerseys that feature the gigantic, dumb faces of Garfield and Odie on the front, with their respective tails on the back.

(It’s worth pointing out that Odie’s tail on the IceMen jersey looks like a buttcrack. It’s also worth pointing out that I’m immature.)

You might be confused as to why this is all happening, which would be a fair response, since Garfield isn’t exactly hot on the streets these days. Both the Fuel and IceMen are based out of Indiana, which is where the comic’s creator, Jim Davis, hails from. So, you see, these teams are going to look outrageously silly just to show some Indiana pride, which is a better reason than, say, because they love lasagna. Or something. Either way, I’m sure the players are really thrilled.

To be honest, I’m just sitting over here waiting for the PC police to get all worked up about the problematic messages Garfield sends to our nation’s youth. BRING THE OUTRAGE. BRING IT.