A Comedian Is Going To Live In A Minor League Baseball Stadium For Five Days

03.28.17 2 years ago


A minor league baseball stadium is a great place to spend three to five hours of your day. You can take in some baseball of varying quality, enjoy some concessions at a pretty good price and get a little bit of sunshine in your life. That’s a great day, but what would it be like to live in a minor league stadium?

That’s what New Orleans based comedian (and Dime Magazine contributor) Chris Trew wants to find out. Trew is a huge sports fan and is a regular at Pelicans games as well as Saints games. He is also a season ticket holder for the New Orleans Baby Cakes, the Triple-A affiliate of the Miami Marlins, and has gotten the team to agree to let him live there for five days.

Trew’s plan is to spend five entire days in the “Shrine on Airline” for the opening weekend of the season, from April 6 to April 10, and try to go about his life as usual, with the addition of picking up odd jobs around the stadium. All of this will be documented on video and there’s a Kickstarter to fund the filming that lays out the full plan for his stay.

This ought to make for some very funny video as Trew tries to handle five days in a stadium that apparently has some critters that lurk around by the bleachers at night.

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