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DREAM is a Japanese mixed martial arts organization, and noted badass/former UFC fighter Mirko Cro Cop was on the card for DREAM 6 in a match against Alistair Overeem. From MMA Mania’s recap:

Later on in the round Overeem landed at least three illegal knees to the groin — one of which wasn’t caught by the referee. After the last one Cro Cop was in obvious agony. The words that came out of Bas Rutten’s mouth when the bout was getting waived off and called a no contest will haunt men around the world for a long time: “We just got informed by Mirko Cro Cop’s corner that his right testicle is inside.”

Ugh.  That was me involuntarily shuddering.  Let’s pretend that when Rutten said Cro Cop’s testicle was “inside,” what he meant was “still inside his scrotum, just like it should be, and nothing is wrong whatsoever LA LA LA I can’t hear you!”

[Fight video here]

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