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09.20.11 6 Comments

My buddy brought this to my attention late last night as I was writing my review of the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen for our mother site, Uproxx, so I don’t know if this is a common knowledge thing since the last time I pulled up a NHL player’s profile it was practice making out with a picture of Manon Rheaume. But I thought it was pretty funny. Well played, Yahoo!.

So how about some links?

Yup, That’s A Burn: The Very Best Jokes From Comedy Central’s Celebrity
Roasts |UPROXX|

Best and Worst of the 2011 Emmys |Warming Glow|

Get Your Very Own Ol’ Dirty Bastard Food Stamp Card |Smoking Section|

Kenny F’n Powers Will Use The Force All Up In This B |Gamma Squad|

James Franco to Direct Cormac McCarthy Necrophilia Story |Film Drunk|

The Best And Worst Of WWE Night Of Champions 2011 |With Leather|

The Best of #Troy Barnes |UPROXX|

Minimal Movie Posters Are All The Rage These Days |UPROXX|

Reports of Gordon Ramsay’s Porn Dwarf Being Eaten by Badgers Have Been
Greatly Exaggerated |Film Drunk|

Many Television Stars Are Attractive |Warming Glow|

“Suck For Luck” NFL Power Rankings: Week 2 |With Leather|

Own A Handcrafted ED-E From ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ |Gamma Squad|

Casey Veggies Feat. Feat. C-San, Dom Kennedy & Kendrick Lamar – “Ridin’
Roun Town (Remix)” |Smoking Section|

10 Things Apple Is Worth More Than |Buzzfeed|

The long awaited “National Lampoon Canadian Vacation” starring Randy
Quaid and Dog the Bounty Hunter is finally underway |FARK|

Evangeline Lilly Worried She’ll be a ‘Black Mark’ in ‘The Hobbit’ |Moviefone|

The 10 Least Promising Shows for Fall |AOL

9 Best Web Contents of the Week |Adult Swim|

7 Great Franchises That Never Got a Decent Video Game |The
Smoking Jacket

The 28 Most Dominating Emmy Winners of All Time |Pajiba|

(Super cool trophy kid via Reddit.)

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