04.24.07 11 years ago 10 Comments

A high school girls relay team was disqualified and had their victory stripped because their sports bras didn't match.

After the 4×400-meter relay, the losing coach filed a written appeal to disqualify [Palm Beach] Gardens for wearing illegal uniforms. The winners were wearing sports bras that did not match, although the team uniform tops and bottoms did. The FHSAA ruled to disqualify the team.

I have to say, that has to be the single most gratifying way to win a sporting event.  It shows once and for all that sports aren't all about "competition" and "determining a winner on the playing field" — it's about who has the best knowledge of obscure rules to disqualify the other team.  I can't imagine a sweeter victory than one achieved through the brute force of nit-picking.

I think the lesson here is that ladies need to be better about wearing matching underwear.  You don't wanna end up like the Brazilian team up there.  They got disqualified from my fantasies and had to settle for the consolation prize: not having to get restraining orders against me.  Losers.

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