The University Of Mississippi’s PR Director Threw Major Shade At Alabama Fans

Alabama football fans sometimes get a bad rap. They’re either considered crazy, overzealous nutjobs who do things like poison trees or call into the Paul Finebaum show, or they’re viewed as fair weather fans who never went to the school but cheer for Alabama football because the Crimson Tide is perpetually one of the best programs in the country.

One person who apparently holds the latter belief is the director of public relations at the University of Mississippi. The Rebels and the Crimson Tide will square off in Tuscaloosa today, and before the game, Danny Blanton decided to take a shot at Alabama fans on Twitter. While the tweet has since been deleted, it was screenshotted, so we all know that Blanton believes that Crimson Tide fans are people who never went to school at ‘Bama. Of course, there’s a funny irony that comes from an Ole Miss fan throwing shade at Alabama fans for being non-alums when the most prominent Rebels fan last year was Katy Perry, but it’s still a great piece of college football trash talk.

Ole Miss had the last laugh last year with the big upset (and the subsequent dragging around of the uprights), but Alabama has its sights set on revenge in Tuscaloosa.