A Brawl In Mississippi State-Ole Miss Led To Unsportsmanlike Conducts ‘On All Players For Both Teams’


You know how college football rivalries sometimes go beyond the sport, leading to serious hatred between players, coaches, and fans of both teams for reasons that have more to do with football? One of the best examples of this is the Egg Bowl, the annual meeting between the Mississippi State Bulldogs and the Ole Miss Rebels that has occurred each of the last two years on on Thanksgiving.

This year, the teams are meeting up in Oxford, with the underdog Rebels hosting the 18th-ranked Bulldogs. Tensions between the two sides finally boiled over in the third quarter, leading to an all-time great penalty ruling by the officials.

Freshman signal caller Matt Corral, filling in for the injured Jordan Ta’amu, took a snap at the end of the third quarter and fired the ball to A.J. Brown. The standout receiver fought his way into the end zone, and then, chaos broke out.

Legit punches were thrown, with the main scrap involving Corral and Bulldogs defensive back Jamal Peters. Still, there was a ton of pushing and shoving all over the place, which led to the officials to eject four players and call an all-time great penalty.

The best part? After review, the officials determined that Ole Miss snapped the ball after the game clock hit zero to mark the end of the third quarter. This meant the touchdown got wiped off the board, sure, but far more important is the fact that the officials determined the play did not happen but all the stuff that happened after it did. Long live the Egg Bowl.

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