An ‘MLB The Show ’17’ Glitch Turned Players Faces Into Nightmare Fuel

Sports video games offer a nice escape from the worries of the real world. You can take a created player and live out your fantasy of being a professional athlete, even if you happen to be terrible at sports in real life. You can take your favorite team and turn them into a juggernaut, even though you’re a Cleveland Browns fan and will never know what watching your team win a Super Bowl actually feels like.

Sports video games are not supposed to give you nightmares. They might frustrate you, but they should not scare you. MLB The Show 17’s first development had some glitch issues that would have violated that rule. The game developers hosted a Twitch stream on Thursday to explain improvements they had made with the game’s graphics as they continue the design process, and also note that a fix had been made to a serious glitch that did something to cause players hair to take over their face in a terrifying way.

Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope. This video gives a multi-angle view of the glitch, and it’s still very bad.

Thankfully the glitch has been fixed, but maybe Sony will just roll with it and come out with “Horror Baseball 18” next year to try and find a crossover between the horror movie/sports fan market.

(h/t Sports Illustrated)

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